Before starting to talk about the creeks, I invite you to download the application « mes calanques », which is very well done. This allows you to see the different trails in the national park. It can also locate you, useful isn’t it?


Port-Miou creek

En-Vau creek

Port Pin creek

If you come from another city and you arrive by the Cassis station, you can take the M01 bus which will take you directly to the city center in about twenty minutes. Or you can choose to go on foot, it will take you about 45 minutes to reach the center.

When we arrived there, we went straight to the creeks. Wanting to avoid the crowds, we wanted to get to the creeks early. But even arriving around 9am at the start of the national park, it was already too late. I don’t know at what time people arrive, but in any case if you want to be alone, go there at sunrise.
The first calanque that we saw was the Port-Miou creek. Follow the path to the end of the point from Bestouan beach. You will be there in less than an hour from the city center. This creek is very different from the other creeks. As its name suggests, it is a deep port, and there is no beach. The pontoons are not accessible, but from the trail you have very nice views. It’s so beautiful to see all these boats surrounded by cliffs.
Then, we continued the path towards the Port Pin creek for about twenty minutes. And there, a super cute little beach. The color of the water in the creeks is so impressive. A short break is needed before heading back to the next creek.
To go to the En-Vau creek, take the path number 4 which allows you to follow the coast over the cliff. If you are scared of height, quite honestly it was fine. This path offers you a magnificent view of the creek, the perfect spot to take sublime photos! And from there, you can admire the magnificent colors with the falling cliffs on the creek. What a stunning view ! It is possible to go down to the beach of the calanque, but I strongly advise against it if you see people on the beach, it is not worth it. Especially since the path to get there and back is very narrow and complicated.

Ticket price for a goal journey: €0.80


Old port of Cassis

Little street in Cassis

Old port of Cassis

From the creeks, you can easily return to the city center via several paths. Once in the city center, I saw a very nice animation. Many restaurants and squares with open shops, and markets of all kinds. The market place is a very beautiful place that you cannot miss. The houses in the center and on the edge of the old port are very colorful. It is very pleasant to walk along the edge of this port. The atmosphere is nice.
If you are more of a beach person, you have the beach in the city center, that of La Grande Mer which is not very far from the old port. She’s nice but it can potentially get crowded. Another known but less populated beach is Bouestan beach. There are fewer people than on the other beaches but on the other hand it is a passage to go to the creeks, so you will not be quiet. In short, you will have understood that it is not the best city to enjoy a beach with few people and in peace.


Favorable weather to visit Cassis. When I was there the weather was really good, it was not too hot.

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One day is very good to see everything, the creeks and the city. To do the creeks on foot, half a day is enough.


If accommodation is too expensive, you can always go to nearby towns like Toulon or Marseille. Cassis is only a few minutes by train from these major cities.

  • Do the creeks in the morning, it quickly gets crowded.
  • Do the creeks on foot, it allows you to have a view from above and also at sea level.
  • Go to Cassis in low season because there are many people visiting these places, and the paths can quickly become human highways


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