Real Alcázar

Inside the Cathedral

View on the top of the Giralda

One of the unmissable visits to Seville is the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Seat, Catedral de Santa María de la Sede. It is the number in the top 3 in the things to do in Seville. As soon as I entered this cathedral, I immediately felt the grandeur of it. It’s really impressive inside! You have different rooms to discover, an organ several meters high, and the tomb of Christopher Columbus, the ashes of which have traveled quite a bit. The Cathedral is large, it will take you a good hour and a half to visit it in its entirety. You will also have access to the bell tower, the Giralda, which gives you a breathtaking view of the whole city. I reassure you, for once these are not steps to reach the top but an inclined floor (the legs thank us a little).
Not far from the cathedral, do not miss the famous Alcazar, Real Alcázar, which is the residence of the king when he comes to stay in Seville. This one is truly beautiful. Each room and each courtyard is splendid. Take the opportunity to stroll through the gardens and admire the well-kept vegetation and fountains. You will not regret it. The residence is quite large, you might visit the whole monument during 2 hours.
As I often say, one of the best ways to discover the beauty and atmosphere of a city is to stroll through its streets and alleys. In Seville, stroll through the historic district of Santa Cruz. Alleyways in the shade and very pleasant to walk around.
In the city center, take the opportunity to take a ticket to see a minimum 1 hour Flamenco show in the evening. You have free shows in the city but I have done both (free and paid), you really won’t be disappointed to pay to see such a great show. We had been at Casa de la Memoria, a small room that allows you to have a certain proximity with the singers and dancers, and that allows you to be able to decipher the emotions that emanate from their faces and their movements.

Cathedral entry price: € 9
Alcazar entry price: € 11.50
Price of a flamenco show at the Casa de la Memoria: € 18
Click here to buy the tickets for the flamenco show.


Plaza España

Plaza España

Plaza España

The Spanish Square in Seville, Plaza España, is one of the most beautiful squares I have seen in all my travels so far. It is a truly impressive and breathtakingly large square. You can rent a boat to go around the canal on the square if you want, or take a carriage ride and arrive at this square. This place is a compulsory passage during your stay in Seville.
In front of the Spanish Square, you can then go for a walk in the María Luisa Park. You will find many ponds, fountains, walks. A good breath of fresh air in the city center.
Don’t forget the Plaza Mayor. Impressive architecture rises above the square, the Metropol Parasol, and below the covered market. You can also climb above the Metropol Parasol and take a short ride up.

Price to go to the Metropol Parasol: € 3


Torre del Oro

Guadalqivir river

View from Isabel II bridge

One on the things to do in Seville is to do a boat trip. This guided tour is quite pleasant and allows you to see the city differently. We also got to see different bridges and neighborhoods built for the World Expo. The tour lasted a good hour and I advise you to do it if you have the time and the money.
As you stroll by the river, you cannot miss the Gold Tower, Torre del Oro which has been turned into a naval museum today. We didn’t visit is, but if you have time, why not take a look.
Crossing the Isabel II bridge, you will arrive in the colorful district of Triana. A beautiful area of Seville to visit while strolling through the different streets.

Boat tour on the river: € 30

Seville is full of charm and a very peaceful city. It was my second city in Spain (I had been to Barcelona before) and I had a really good time there. It is a city I would recommend to discover the Spanish culture.


From June to September, temperatures are at their maximum between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Do not hesitate to adapt to Spanish time and rest during those hours.

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To visit Seville 2 days are enough. But if you want to visit at a really leisurely pace, this is a town pleasant enough to stay there for 3 days.

  • Go there outside school holidays
  • If you go there in the summer, go inside between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., the temperatures are at their maximum
  • Go early to the Alcazar and the Cathedral or get skip-the-line tickets, these two monuments are victims of their success and there are a lot of people

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