As for the other Canadian national parks, if you stay several days in the national parks, I advise you to buy the discovery entry card pass, which you can buy at Canadian national park entrances.


Natural Bridge

Takakkaw falls

Wapta falls

Yoho National Park surprised me on one point, its waterfalls! There are all types of waterfalls and so beautiful!
The first one I was able to discover was the Wapta falls. Before reaching it you have a walk of 4,8 km / 125 m of elevation gain in the forest. Then at some point, you will hear a distant sound of a waterfall. It means that you’re not very far from reaching the top of it. You will find such a large waterfall there! I was blown away! If you have time, continue the path to descend and see the waterfall from below, you will not be disappointed! The hike is not complicated, it climbs a little on the way back. This is a round trip that took me about 1h30.
Another waterfall that impressed me was the Takakkaw fall. It is very easy to access, about 10/15 minutes from the car park to get to the foot of the waterfall (take out your raincoats). And from the top of its 254m, you can’t miss it! It is impressive! When there is wind, you can see its trickle of water shifting from the cliff, it’s just incredible!
The Natural bridge is yet another waterfall of its kind, which is not really a waterfall anymore. A few meters from the car park (not even 5 minutes), you have a platform that allows you to admire this natural phenomenon. A river that passes with some force through a rock bridge. They say it used to be a waterfall but over time it became a sinkhole. It is very beautiful to see.


Emerald lake

Emerald lake

Emerald lake

Emerald Lake is one of my favorites! The color of the water is just incredible during the day, and in the evening it gives way to the reflection of the mountains in the water. It is extraordinary to see. The mountains around this lake are impressive! To get there, you have a car park. But it is a victim of its own success so you will have to be patient to find a place during the day. Once you arrive, you can go around the lake in 1h30 to finish on the part of the lake with super beautiful lodges! It is a beautiful walk that has some explanatory nature signs. I saw that there were also other possible hikes in the area.  If you have the opportunity, try to do a sunrise or sunset.


Two well-known viewpoints are at Yoho National Park, the Lower Spiral Tunnel Viewpoint and the Upper Spiral Tunnel Viewpoint. Honestly, I found the Lower point of view more interesting than the other because you have explanatory panels on the railway and this exit / entrance to the tunnel which is quite particular. They explain the particularity of this part of the railway which is quite dangerous because it is too steep. If you’re lucky you might see a passing train.  It’s like the Morant’s curve, it is difficult to know in advance if you will see a train when you are there.

The few points of interest in Yoho National Park that I saw just blew my mind! A park that is definitely worth a look!


I was at Yoho National Park in early July, and had a great weather.

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If you don’t have too much time to stay in the region, I think two days are enough to see the highlights of the national park. Otherwise, add at least 2 days to visit more in depth.


To visit the national park, I slept in the campgrounds of Banff National Park. The two national parks being close together, this does not add that much road.

  • To visit Emerald Lake, go early or really at the end of the day because the parking lot is not big enough for all the visitors who go there.
  • For the waterfalls, go to the end of the trails each time to see them up close.
  • If the campsites in Yoho National Park are full, go to those in Banff National Park, they are not very far from the park.

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