View on the Dubrovnik’s bridge 

Street in the old town

Fort Lovrijenac

Departure by plane from Paris to arrive in Dubrovnik at around 11am, my road trip to visit Croatia begins. Once at the airport, buses take you directly to the city center. You have to take the ticket inside the airport and then wait at the exit. After leaving my bag at the hostel, I discovered Dubrovnik. An old city full of charm (and which was used for the Games of Thrones stage decor) with its narrow pedestrian streets, intact ramparts, a Fort overlooking the city. There is also a beautiful sunset to admire from the top of SRD Mount. And there are paths outside the old town that allow you to discover different landscapes such as the Dubrovnik Bridge and the islands facing it.

Airport bus – city center price: kn50 / €6,72

To learn more about Dubrovnik, read the article dedicated here.


Diocletian’s Palace

Walk in the Marjan forest

To make the trip from Dubrovnik to Split, I took the bus (about 5 hours). To go to Split, the bus goes through the customs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, so do not forget to take your passport and / or the necessary documents with you. I visited Split for two days, beginning with the Diocletian’s Palace which also has a lot of charms. Then, I could admire the sunset from the top of the Marjan forest. The colors of the sunset over the city are very beautiful. The next morning, I walked on the path near the water to discover beautiful beaches and different landscapes. Split is a very busy city with shopping streets and many restaurants.

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Zadar’s city center

One of the churches

Sunset with the sea organs

To go to Zadar, I also took the bus (about 3 hours). The landscapes on the road are super beautiful. Once there, I watched the sunset with the natural music of the sea organs. The next day, I visited the old town as well as the beaches and harbors around. The mix of architecture gives an unique charm to the city.

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The big waterfall

Waterfall of the lower lakes

Path in the middle of the waterfall of the lower lakes

Then I went to Korenica by bus (about 2 hours), one of the cities close to the Plitvice lakes to sleep there. The next morning, head to the Plitvice Lakes. Despite unfavorable weather, the national park is still beautiful. The colors of the water are breathtaking, and the waterfalls are awesome. The entire park can be visited thanks to the different routes.

For more information about my trip in the Plitvice Lakes, click here.


The statue of the Virgin Marie

City center

Inside Zagreb’s Cathedral

Unfortunately, due to the weather and a lack of time, I can not say that I visited Zagreb. That’s why I did not make an article dedicated to the city. I only went to the Cathedral, which is impressive. From what I could see, the city looks pretty with different architectures and monuments to discover. I will return one day to visit the city. I then took the bus to the airport back home.

Airport bus – city center price: kn30 / €4

Croatia is a very beautiful country with cities full of charm. To visit Croatia, it is very easy and the landscapes are breathtaking. Do not hesitate to go there, you will have nice surprises.


Aerial view of Dubrovnik

Zadar’s bus station

The coast from Dubrovnik to Zadar

By bus, you can go wherever you want and it is cheap. Prices can vary between kn37 / €5 and kn148 / €20 depending on the trip. Taking the bus is an easy way to visit Croatia. To book my tickets, I used this website: click here.


Months with favorable weather to visit Croatia.

Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

Currency: Croatian Kuna

Budget of 1 person, for 7 days in Croatia. This budget includes sleeping in hostels, eating out in supermarkets and takeaways, and enjoying a few activities (eg entry to Plitvice Lakes, visiting the Cathedral of Split).

KN %
TRANSPORTS 445 59,92 26
FOOD 565 75,94 32
ACTIVITIES 125 16,80 7
OTHERS 69 9,27 4
TOTAL 1741 234,18
  • The old town of Dubrovnik
  • The sunset from the SRD Mount at Dubrovnik
  • The Diocletian’s Palace in Split
  • The sunset in Zadar with the natural music of the sea organs
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Get lost in the old cities to discover little treasures
  • If you are going from Dubrovnik to Split by bus, take your passports / documents with you for customs between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Enjoy sunsets in the cities along the Adriatic Sea
  • Get up early to visit the best-known towns / national parks in order to avoid tourists
  • Travel by bus to enjoy different landscapes and get around easily

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