Take A Break Somewhere is my first blog in which I can share, and fully live, my two passions: travel and video.

I first fell in love with travel after leaving my comfort zone after high school. And yes, normally I had to follow the path that most people around me follow: high school, university, a career, family etc … But fate decided otherwise after 2 months of university. Nothing went as planned. From one day to another, I found myself in Oxford, England, in a special school to improve my English. And there, a whole new adventure has started. I wanted to travel more and more, and to discover different destinations and culture, in Europe, then on other continents. I have long traveled with family and friends. And in 2019, my way of traveling took another turn. I was supposed to go on vacation with a friend, but she left me at the last moment, and I thought that this might be the occasion for me to try to travel alone. I had read many interesting articles on this subject but never took the time to do it. So, I took this opportunity to test the trip alone. And guess what? I loved it ! I really like to travel alone and accompanied, I have no preference. But it is clear to me that these are two quite different ways of travel. Today, I plan my trips differently, if I want to discover a destination, I ask around me if they want to go as well, knowing that it doesn’t matter if I am accompanied or not, I will go to this place. And this freedom is a real happiness.
Then, the love for video came. It was during my university exchange in Florida that I started filming our various road trips in the United States with a GoPro, and I got a taste for it. I am now used to film my travels and as soon as I feel frustration in my videos or editing software, I invest to get the result that I want. And today, I no longer travel without my camera. As many say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and I have always found a travel story more interesting when it is accompanied by an image or a video because I have the impression of living the person’s experience. That’s why, with my travel videos, I want people to travel with me and discover new destinations. For example for Romania, nobody around me understood why I had chosen this destination, and when I returned and showed them videos, they said why not going there. My goal is to allow people to take a break from their daily lives and travel 2/3 minutes, but to make them want to go, no matter if it is a known destination or not.
When someone comes to visit this blog, I wish they could find their next destination and all the advice that goes with it. By traveling more and more, I have acquired certain reflexes that others will not necessarily have at the beginning. And thanks to this blog, I want to help them the best so that they have the least possible problems while traveling or that they can anticipate certain aspects of the trip. I also hope to help people to take the plunge to travel to another continent, go to an unknown country, have a new experience, or go travel alone.
PS: do not hesitate to give me any feedback on my blog, a particular article, my videos, an idea, or even a collaboration by email takeabreaksomewhere@gmail.com. It’s always encouraging!