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I really fell in love with this destination! Plenty of things to do in Caye Caulker, accommodation and restaurants for all types of budgets. An atmosphere that I had never experienced before. It’s for me a must-see destination in Belize and there are so many things to do in Caye Caulker.



When you arrive on the island, you’ll immediately feel a unique atmosphere that will instantly relax you. No wonder the island’s slogan is “Go Slow”. There’s a main street where you disembark by boat. This is the street where there are the most restaurants, as well as supermarkets. Pedestrians and golf carts on unpaved roads, there are no cars here. Restaurants on the beach, accommodation everywhere but not the tourist factory with the large all-inclusive resorts. The parallel streets are good for finding cheaper and local restaurants. The main street will take you to the Split. In 1961, a hurricane passed over the island of Caye Caulker and split it in two. Today it’s a place to meet over for a drink and take a dip from a high platform. It’s super nice. You can also admire the sunset from the Split. We didn’t visit the northern part of Caye Caulker because we met several people who did and they told us that everything was currently under construction and that it didn’t have much charm.
One of the things to do in Caye Caulker is to admire the sunset. And for that, I recommend the Iguana Reef Inn. A perfect spot to have a drink, or not necessarily, while watching the sunset that gives beautiful colors to the sky. And a few hours before, a surprise awaits you. Around 4 p.m., the owner of the place feeds the rays. This means that about ten rays come to the edge of the beach. They are so big, it’s impressive to see. If you’ve never seen them in the wild, you can observe them here (and for free, you don’t need to have a drink). There are also seahorses and pelicans you can see. To admire the sunrise, which is also super beautiful, I recommend that you go and land on a pontoon on the main street. The colors are gorgeous! And obviously there are few people, so you’ll be quiet to observe it. There isn’t really a white sand beach where you can swim without having the boats near you. But surprisingly, it didn’t bother us at all.


One of my dreams was to see this famous perfect round great blue hole in the middle of the ocean. And for that, we took a flight with Tropic Air to see it from the sky. So why this agency, which isn’t the cheapest, rather than another? Quite simply because other travelers had done it and were very happy with it. So we had booked a flight online. And after the experience we had of having to reschedule the flight because of the storm that was arriving on the island, they were kind enough to reschedule the flight without any problem, and at no cost. Be aware that if you’re flying with other people, there are certain times and days of the week that they’re flying. So organize yourself well according to availability. Click here for all the information.
So we went to the airport on D-Day. The entrance is at the end of the main street. We had to show up 20 minutes before the flight. When we were there they checked our temperatures and we signed a document related to COVID. Then they gave us a boarding pass and we waited until the plane arrived from San Pedro. And off we go for boarding a 14-seater plane! They ensure that everyone has a seat with a window, and the plane makes 2 turns on each side. So don’t panic, you’ll see it no matter where you’re sitting. I was lucky to have had the place of the co-pilot. If you can, try to ask for this place, it’s incredible!
The flight lasts an hour in total. And even the journey to get to the blue hole is just beautiful! Islands in the middle of lots of shades of blue. You can also see the coral reef from the sky, it’s super beautiful! Then we arrive on this famous blue hole that we see in the distance! The closer the plane gets to this great blue hole, the more you can see this natural beauty. As I said before, it makes 2 turns on each side above the great blue hole (be careful, you may get motion sickness, my friend unfortunately had it during the flight). To see this perfectly round dark blue hole in the middle of turquoise water is just amazing! I don’t have enough words to describe what I saw. I let you judge by the photos. It’s truly an experience that I’ll never forget in my life and one of the things to do in Caye Caulker!
It’s also possible to go scuba diving in the blue hole. We had met people who did it, they liked the feeling but it isn’t the most interesting to see fish. However, the experience is quite unique. The island offers a lot of scuba diving (apart from the blue hole), don’t hesitate to go around the agencies to see which one would suit you.

Price of the flight with Tropic Air: US$ 292*


If there’s one of the things to do in Caye Cauker, it’s the snorkeling excursion (if you don’t like scuba diving) in the second largest barrier reef in the world. For this excursion, we did it in partnership with EZ Boys Tour which has a shop on the main street. They do tours with sailing boats that accommodate a maximum of 16 people. We had with us two guides and an apprentice.
Let’s go, at 9am we tried the equipment (masks, snorkels and fins) and be able to leave at 9:30am. On the way out, they use the engine to go as quickly as possible to the different spots to avoid the crowds. The first stop, we put on our equipment in the hope of seeing a manatee. And how lucky we were! He was there, swimming calmly. The guide made us respect a distance with the manatee to don’t be too intrusive. Then second stop, a place where we have free time with our masks and snorkels to observe marine life. It’s quite pretty but the best awaits us later. So we get back on the boat to go to the third stop which is the observation of nurse sharks. So yes, to attract them, they feed them. They throw pieces into the sea, and there are about twenty sharks. It’s impressive to see! It’s possible to observe the scene in the water, while respecting a distance because they are still sharks! After several minutes of stopping, we move forward while having lunch, towards Hol Chan Marine Reserve which is part of the coral reef. There, we are divided into groups of 8 people with a guide and we stay underwater for a good hour observing the fish and these magnificent corals. Honestly, I loved seeing all of this. It was really nice ! And I had never seen that before. We were also able to see a huge turtle under the sea. After this beautiful excursion, we return to the boat which takes out the sails for the return. We eat a good little ceviche with one, or more, homemade rum cocktails.
Overall, there was a good atmosphere on the boat, the guides explained well when we had questions, the food was good, frankly it was great. I recommend without hesitation with friends or travelers.

Price of the excursion with guide, transport, lunch, drink (including alcoholic), equipment: BZ$ 90*.


Eating in good restaurants is also another things to do in Caye Caulker, there are really very good restaurants on the island, and a bit of everything. Here are my favorites:

  • Willy wish: you eat a delicious half lobster at the back of a house on picnic tables for only 20 Belize dollars*. The chef is adorable and frankly it’s a great value for cheap.
  • Chef Juan: a small restaurant that offers local specialties for not too much money. The terrace isn’t very big but you’ll find a small place to eat.
  • Ice’N’Beans: well, it’s not really local, but their waffles and bagels are super good, and their smoothies are incredible. It’s a change from local food, but it’s good. And the fact that it’s by the beach is ideal.
  • Sports Bar: not really a restaurant but more a bar for going out at night. From 9:45 p.m., it turns into a dancing bar, a good atmosphere. There are a lot of internationals but a few locals as well.


Lind’s Cocal Street Caye Caulker,
Caye Caulker, Belize
Price: $BZ 46* / night / person in a mixed dormitory for 4 people, with private bathroom.
Click here to book a night.

A hostel where life’s good. The hostel is in the ambiance of the island, relaxing, calm, and easy to meet other travelers. And it’s right next to the things to do in Caye Caulker



I’ll tell you at least 3 days to have time to do the things to do in Caye Caulker, to walk around the island a little, to take your time. But quite honestly, you could easily stay there for a week and still enjoy it just as much. It’s up to you once you get there. Here’s an idea for itineraries:

  • 2 DAYS:
    • Walk around the island
    • Sunset at Iguana Reef Inn
    • Snorkeling excursion
  • 3 DAYS:
    • What is described above
    • Flight over the big blue hole
  • 4 DAYS:
    • Relax at Split
    • Rent a kayak to take a trip on the water


Temperatures vary little throughout the year, but there are a few months in the rainy season. It is recommended to go there between December and April.

Table Example
JANUARY Start of the dry season, temperatures are pleasant.
FEBRUARY Few rainy days.
MARCH Temperatures rise a little.
APRIL It’s the start of the rainy season with only a few days of rain.
MAY Rainy days increase.
JUNE Temperatures are getting hotter and hotter.
JULY A few days of rain with warm temperatures.
AUGUST Rainy days increase.
SEPTEMBER During the rainy season, temperatures remain warm.
OCTOBER Conditions are similar to September.
NOVEMBER Rainy days are decreasing compared to previous months.
DECEMBER It’s the end of the rainy season.


If you’re coming from outside the country, you can take a flight that takes you to Belize City and then to Caye Caulker Airport, but this may be expensive because they are small planes. Click here to see the different flight options. Otherwise from Belize City, you can take a water taxi which takes you to Caye Caulker. If you come from Bacalar, it’s possible to go to Chetumal and then take the boat which will take you to the Belizean border and Caye Caulker afterwards. Click here to see the different bus options in Mexico.


The budget below corresponds to a backpacker trip that is fun:

  • Accommodation: For accommodation, plan between $ BZ 46 and 60* / night for a dormitory.
  • Food: You can find everything here. Restaurant meals at $ BZ 15* as well as meals at $ BZ 80*. It’s still cheaper to cook yourself.
  • Transport: The island’s completely pedestrian.
  • Activities: If you do the activities above, outside the big blue hole, budget around $ BZ 90*.
  • Others: Keep a little budget for outings and miscellaneous purchases.

If you’re in the mood to make the most of this destination and relax while having fun, plan a budget of around $BZ 400*. Obviously it’s a very large budget, and it depends on your desires and needs.


  • Plan a good budget for excursions and restaurants.
  • Go to the island and see how long you want to stay there without planning your schedule too much in advance.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the people you meet there if they’re interested in excursions so you can negotiate prices more easily.

*Prices are as of November 2022.

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